Direct payments are used to encourage and aid independent living. 

Direct payments give you the choice and control over who provides your care and support. Payments will be made directly to, rather than the council arranging care and support for you. 
Your Local Authority will assess you and then allocate a ‘personal budget’. This is to enable you to maintain control of your life, care, and support.
Direct payments give you the flexibility to use your allocated funding and hours to support you in a way that suits your lifestyle, but you must be able to show that the hours are being used and meet your assessed needs.
For some individuals the thought of managing a direct payment account can be daunting. But don’t let that stop you.
Local Authorities have support in place, and organisations who can manage your direct payment account for you to reduce the stress. You still have full choice and control of who provides your care and support but without the stress of managing another account.
The terms and conditions can vary depending on Local Authority.
For more information, please contact your Local Authority.